Dad is still in ICU

Update 05/28/2022: My dad was in ICU for a month, but seems to be doing a lot better now 2-3 months after being in the ICU.

These past few weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions. Things were looking so good last week and that he would be out of ICU soon, but yesterday the doctor had concerns of infections that they’d like for him to stay in ICU longer— it went from 7 days to now 10-14 days. I’m worried about my dad‘s health and how hard it must be to be in the hospital for this long.

It’s really hard that he’s all the way in Thailand. I don’t even know what to plan for— when should I go see my dad? When am I allowed to see him?

It’s hard when there’s really not much you can do but to wait.

Anyway, I just needed to just let this out somewhere.

Time Ago: 2 years ago

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